Author of two books that chronicle his exciting adventures:

Riding The Edge
A 502 page book about Dave Barr’s 83,000 mile motorcycle journey around the world.
Riding The Ice
A 242 page book about Dave Barr’s incredible 13,000 mile winter journey across a frozen Northern Europe, Russia and Siberia on a ‘96 Harley-Davidson Sportser.

Dave Barr has done what most only dream of doing!
Traveling around the world is a huge accomplishment, but only the beginning of Dave Barr’s incredible story. His solo motorcycle journey took three and a half years to complete and spanned six continents and 83,000 miles. What makes it truly remarkable is that Dave made the trip on a 1972 Harley-Davidson® motorcycle with two prosthetic legs, the result of an 1981 land mine explosion. He pushed his way through the Sahara, Namibia, and Gobi deserts, slipped through the Andes during avalanche season and braved the unique challenges of riding across China, Russia, Australia, and Africa. Dave later went on to establish a Guinness Book World Record for crossing northern Europe, Russia and Siberia on a motorcycle in the dead of winter. Dave uses his experiences to tell story after touching story. His life lessons will enrich and empower you as he shares how he brought his vision to life by setting goals, staying focused, and overcoming obstacles. To find out more about his inspiring message or to get information about Dave speaking to your organization

Dave Barr sets New World Record!
Dave’s most recent adventure earned him a second Guinness World Record. This time he went to Australia on his “Southern Cross” journey. In just 45 days, he completed the first motorcycle journey ever between the four extreme geographical corners of the Australian continent. A documentary is currently in the works about this amazing trip.
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